Stories with Japanese Customer since 2010

I got a call from a Japanese customer on Sep 27th, 2010. The customer said he had an enquiry sent to me by email. He said they were a trading company in Japan, importing different kinds of casting parts, and had an office filiale in Dalian. He gave me the contact information of the Dalian manager. The enquiry was a stainless steel SCS13 pump body requiring silica-sol casting process, which was our company’s specialty. Both the structure and machining process were very complicated. After designing the project and reviewed by our engineer, I sent the quotation to customer on Oct 14th.

After received the quotation, customers came to visit our casting foundry and machining shop. the Japanese customers are very cautious, we went through factory inspection and couple of meetings. Our clients gave recognition to our strengths and were interested in cooperating with us.

On Nov 9th, the customer sent an email to ask about the delivery date of the sample: mold→roughcast→machining, and also provided the 3D drawing for production. I received the full payment of the samples and mold then arrange the production of the samples soon.

When we finished the first samples, customers asked to cut the parts to check if there were a shrinkage defect inside of it. After cutting, we found the area of the pipe parts had shrinkage, the samples were unqualified. Our engineer researched several new testing methods, changed the positions of the pouring gate and remade the samples. Finally, we finished the new samples and sent to customer before Chinese new year holiday. Till now, we have developed many products for customers.

This Japanese trading company has brought us many Japanese customers, such as Japan SANSO, MitsubishiAg, MHI, GIKEN and so on.

The audit system of these companies is very strict, usually it will take two days to go through audition . We have to rectify the unqualified parts till they are qualified, which is also very helpful to our self-improvement.

For Japanese customers, the quality and delivery time are more important rather than price.

Because actively cooperated with the them can keep high quality and the accurate delivery date, we have had cooperated with this customer more then 10 years.

And I believe we will cooperate for the next 10 years, 20 years and even longer.