Brass Casting Case

A brass casting is a piece of copper that is mechanically assembled and used in operation and is more suitable for other types of parts. Large brass casting is generally cast in parts and then joined together as a whole.

Brass sand casting needs to pay attention to a few problems. The melting point of brass is very high, so to raise the strength of the sand (or core) and sand compact degree, reduce the core burr and sand sharp Angle, prevent sand washing. Before the mould is closed, the floating sand on the surface of the mould cavity and sand core should be blown clean. After the mould is closed, the sand should be poured as soon as possible.

When using cold-core sand, disperse iron fluid as far as possible to avoid sand hole caused by erosion. Prevent sand core drying and storage time is too long. The reasonable design of the pouring system to avoid iron solution on the wall erosion force is too great. The surface of the sprue cup should be smooth without floating sand.